Would it be a ridiculous idea to explore getting your oils and YL products paid for? 

When you are out and about this summer, and gathering with your family and friends, what if there were a way to talk about your favorite Young Living products without driving people away? 

What if you were able to share about the things you use and love and it just flowed naturally into the conversation?

As a result of that, what if you could get your oils paid for by helping others support their health? 

This month, I am sharing ideas and techniques that make sharing simple and easy. Because let’s face it, with the rising cost of food and daily expenses, getting your YL products free sounds pretty amazing. These techniques are used by the very best sharers and are so simple, anyone can do them. 

And if your biggest fear is that you will drive people away, I am going to show you how to do it in a natural way so you get texts like this with people asking YOU how they can order.


If you are loving your Young Living products, take a look at how simple it is to share with others in a non-salesy way. It’s time to make a difference in others’ lives and cover the cost of your oils!

CLICK HERE to learn how you can simply share and help others in the process!





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July wellness box ideas feature products perfect for sharing! 

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Now, go grab some of your favorite ‘fruity’ scents this month and make sure you have that diffuser going when you have people over… one of the easiest ways to start those simple-sharing conversations!


Talk Soon!
❤️ Katie