Hello, , welcome to April! 

If you were here last month, you cleaned out your home with our Thieves line… this month it’s time to focus on cleaning out your ‘temple’ and it all starts in the gut! 

Did you know that your gut health is directly related to your immune health and your mental health?!

In the US almost 70 million people struggle with digestive diseases and nearly 1 in 5 people struggle with mental illness. This is important because your emotional well being is directly linked to your gut health.

So, this month we are focusing on supporting your digestive system because it is the number #1 factor in many health conditions. 

For some great tips on how you can improve your digestive system and to learn a bit more about why this is so important and how it works, click the image below to access one of my most popular resources, ‘Digestion 101’. 


Upcoming Events and Classes 

Save the date for the upcoming Young Living Convention in July! Get discounted pricing on your in-person or virtual ticket until May 30th HERE.

Why attend Convention in person?

  1. It’s an opportunity to see the Mona Farm first hand (an experience you will never forget).
  2. To smell every single oil and try all kinds of new products in the Expo.
  3. To feel the energy of thousands of other YL enthusiasts and see your favorite people from Corporate. (While it’s a large group, Convention is much smaller than it was 3 years ago which makes it even more enjoyable for the introverts.)
  4. It’s a great way to get LOADS of content for your social. #reel.
Check out ALL the amazing classes going on this month on The Spunky Oils Event Calendar! Click HERE to see all of March's classes and events and even add them to your own calendar so you don't miss a thing!
Also, make sure you check out The Spunky Oils Facebook group for lots of info and fun stuff throughout the month.

In-Person Oils of Ancient Scripture Class
April 17th @ 6:30 - 8pm 
Ypsilanti, Michigan (Reply to this email for the exact address)

This class explores the Oils of Ancient Scripture Kit. The Kit contains ten oils, each with a rich history rooted in scripture. Even though ancient, these oils still have some amazing uses for everyday life! Join for this unique and historic class!

Please RSVP by clicking "going" on this event page or by replying to this email so we can know how many to expect.

April Giveaways 

Every month you have a chance to win something fun from my stash of YL goodies when you share your Loyalty Rewards (LR) order!
Post a picture of your LR order in the comments on THIS POST and tell us what you are most excited to use and be entered to win!
Those that show an actual image of their products when they arrive will get an EXTRA entry!
You can comment with your order on the post in FB up until the very last day of the month. The winner will be announced in the May 2023 Newsletter just like this month.
April 2023’s LR winner is….Amy Jo Rigg!!! Congrats! I will get your gift to you soon! 

Myra’s April Giveaway!

AIR DOCTOR 3000 Giveaway {2 Winners}

Spring is here!! Time to open all the windows and get fresh air flowing through your home!

Clean air is ESSENTIAL to your health. We spend the majority of our time indoors, and the majority of that time in our own homes. Although we can't see it, and sometimes we can't even smell it, our breathing air can be one of the largest sources of toxins in our bodies.

Our upline, Myra, is so generous, she’s giving away 2 amazing AirDoctor air purifiers!! Air Doctors are 3rd party tested to capture 99% of all VOC's (volatile organic compounds), viruses, bacteria, pet dander, dust, mold and mold spores.

These units would be GREAT for any office, master bedroom, kitchen, and living space. They're super easy to use, and the auto-function makes it very hands-off. You will love it! 

How to Enter:


-HOST an IN PERSON gathering


If you want help with teaching or hosting a class (and are local to me), I’m happy to come and help or teach or co-teach. Just reach out to let me know! If you’re not local but still want help and support, reach out too! Hosting classes is so much fun, is a great way to build community and is super rewarding! I will help you with all the details. 

Fill out this form every time you qualify during April!!

**You are responsible for keeping up with your own entries.

P.S. Anyone on my team is able to enter this giveaway, so feel free to share it with anyone on your team!



For the entire month of April new customers can take advantage of additional discounts off our already discounted wholesale pricing depending on how much they want to spend in their first order!!! 

ANDDDDD if they order on Loyalty Rewards they will get an even better deal with 10 points back!! 

10% off their first order of 100+PV
20% off their first order of 200+PV

April is the perfect month for gatherings, classes, events and sharing boldly! Let's go!!! 
We want to reward you for taking time out from your busy lives to have fun and share the wellness Young Living has to offer! I am SO excited about this!!!!

☀Sign up to host a party this month and get 15% off to save on samples or giveaways to share.
☀Sign up to host 3 parties, you’ll also get 3 points for the Kona Challenge.
☀New customers receive: 10% off their first order of 100+PV or 20% off their first order of 200+PV
When the party’s over, show us what an amazing time you had by tagging us on your pics with #myYLevent.

Save 30%!!
I am STOKED about this bundle being back!!! It's better than ever with two additional Lushious Lemon Hand Soaps!!! 😍 Featuring hand-selected products just for Spring that will treat your senses and brighten your space, this favorite bundle is available for a limited time starting April 1!!!

  • Brighten up your cleaning sprees with the fresh, uplifting aroma of Jade Lemon essential oil.
  • Diffuse Lushious Lemon essential oil blend in your Macaron Diffuser to help neutralize unwanted odors and fill your space with cheer.
  • Infuse your day with softness by blending Vanilla oleoresin with your favorite Young Living essential oils to create your own personal fragrance.
  • Lushious Lemon Foaming Hand Soap’s invigorating fragrance of lemon uplifts the spirit, while our trusted plant-based formula leaves your hands feeling soft and refreshed.

🍋 Macaron Diffuser
🍋 Lushious Lemon essential oil blend, 15 ml
🍋 Jade Lemon essential oil, 5 ml
🍋 Vanilla, 5 ml
🍋 3 pack Lushious Lemon Foaming Hand Soap


Item #: 41598
Price: $150
PV: 100
Get the For the Love of Lemons Starter Bundle while you can—no limits!


Monthly Gifts wiTh Purchase

Celebrate the start of spring with some of our plant-based essentials for free. Warmer, brighter days mean more hikes and outdoor play, so grab your Soothe Roll On for a breath of fresh air whenever you need it. Open the windows and freshen your home with the crisp, citrusy scents of Lemongrass and Orange. Prepare your little ones(or yourself!) for the changing seasons with KidScents MightyPro - a blend of immune-supporting prebiotics and probiotics. All for free! Plus, earn 10 loyalty points to treat yourself to more seasonal essentials (Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint anyone?!).

Click the image above to check out more about this month's gifts with purchase!

 April wellness box ideas feature gut-friendly products!

Have you started your Loyalty Rewards orders yet? It's the best deal! Earn points to cash in for free products when you order 50PV or more every month. Learn more about Loyalty Rewards HERE.

PS: Mother’s Day is next month! If gift giving is one of your love languages, check out a few of the resources I have for some great gift ideas for the special women in your life! 

💚 Katie